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Dental Savings Plan


"No Insurance?  No Problem!"

We find that many people stop seeing their dentist when they lose their dental insurance.  Although dental insurance hasn't change it's level of coverage since the late 1960s, it still provides some form of savings.  That is why we developed our own Dental help our patients who do not have dental insurance.

We began our plan in 2014...and it has helped hundreds of our patients save thousands of dollars ever since!  How?  The annual cost for each person is a savings of up to 25%...the more people on your plan, the more you save!  Plus, you also save on all dental services we offer!

Regular preventive care hygiene visits are critical to your overall health. Even serious dental conditions can go unnoticed because most are painless!  The best way to prevent expensive treatment is to be consistent with your preventive care visits.

We Offer 2 Dental Savings Plans:

  • Healthy Smile Plan:

  • Perio Plus Plan: