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Fixing Teeth with Dental Crowns and Bridges

Two of the most common dental treatments, dental crowns and dental bridges, are the go-to for many patients experiencing functional problems with their teeth, or if one was lost or extracted. Dental crowns “cap” teeth to restore proper strength and shape after damage or other treatment, while a dental bridge can seamlessly replace a missing tooth. Our dentists have decades of combined experience in restorative dentistry, with the technical skill and artistry to provide custom restorations with stunning results. Using such technology as intraoral scanners and CEREC, we offer a digital treatment experience for custom dental bridges and same-day dental crowns in Cambridge, OH.

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CEREC Crowns Before and After

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CEREC Crowns Before and After

CEREC: High-Quality Crowns in One Visit

We offer the convenience and quality of CEREC technology and same-day dental crowns at our office! Our founding dentist, Dr. Franklin Maximo is a CEREC® Mentor at the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry and has trained his associates in this technology as well. Using this sophisticated design and milling technology, we can restore one or more teeth in just a few hours instead of weeks. We’ll first take digital impressions with our intraoral scanner, then use these images to design your new dental crown in our software. Next, we transfer the information to our in-office milling machine where it fabricates your restoration in under an hour! You’ll leave your appointment with a beautiful crown secured permanently to your tooth. Our patients benefit from CEREC same-day dental crowns in the following ways:

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Dental Bridges: Replace a Missing Tooth

If you’ve lost a tooth, but aren’t ready to commit to a dental implant, then a dental bridge is your next best option. Dental bridges are a series of dental crowns that span the gap left after a tooth is lost or extracted. To ensure a comfortable and seamless fit, we first take digital impressions of the area. These images will be used by experienced technicians at our partner dental lab who will hand-craft your restoration. Your dental bridge will be made from high-quality materials and color-matched to look natural alongside your existing teeth. The benefits of dental bridges include:

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How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost in Cambridge, OH?

We know when choosing a restorative dentist, one of your first questions is “Do you take my insurance?” The next is, “How much will this cost?” We offer competitive pricing for dental crowns and bridges in Cambridge, OH, and conveniently partner with multiple leading insurance providers. The unique cost of your dental crown or bridge will depend on a few factors including the number of teeth treated and the material you choose. We’ll break this down during a personalized consultation and can even discuss dental financing options for comfortable monthly payments. Don’t compromise your health for the sake of your budget. Receive custom crowns and bridges from our seasoned dental team in Cambridge, OH and restore your oral health, attractive look, and dental function!

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