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Elevating the Quality of Your Dental Care

Elevating the Quality of Your Dental Care

Your comfort and safety play a large role in how we provide dental care at Woodlawn Dental Center. Not only do we continue to learn about advancements in dentistry, but we incorporate the most advanced dental technology into your treatments as well. Technology, such as surgical guides, intraoral scanners, and 3D imaging all provide safer, more reliable, and more efficient treatments for you. Our dentists are trained in this advanced dental technology in Cambridge, OH and utilize it to plan and complete select procedures, including same-day restorations, Invisalign®, and dental implant placement. You can feel confident seeking dental care with us knowing our skilled and high-tech team of dentists is providing treatments at the highest level of quality and personalization!

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Dental Technology’s Top Benefits

Our Select Advanced Dental Technologies

Intraoral Camera

See what our dentists see when they evaluate your mouth, including tooth chips or cracks, cavities, or infection. Our intraoral camera takes high-resolution photos of your mouth at your appointment. We can magnify these images on the computer screen, so you can see exactly what problems your teeth have.

Intraoral Scanner

No longer endure messy paste impressions of your teeth! Our high-tech intraoral scanner takes precision scans of your teeth and gums—no more bad tastes or gagging. We use the scans for planning restorative treatments and orthodontics like Invisalign.

CBCT Imaging

Have high-resolution scans taken of your mouth without the discomforts or radiation risk. Our CBCT technology provides incredibly detailed images of your teeth, bone, and soft tissues for precision planning of your dental surgery.

CEREC Restorations

Restore your damaged tooth in just one appointment with CEREC same-day restorations! We can scan your tooth, design a new dental crown, fabricate it in-office in our milling machine, and attach the restoration—all in under two hours.

Guided Implant Surgery

Have dental implant surgery completed at the highest level of precision and efficiency with CHROME™ GuidedSMILE. Using custom surgical guides removes virtually all room for error when we place your dental implants to promote long-term function and durability.

IV Sedation

Sleep calmly through your appointment with personalized IV sedation. We bring on a dental anesthesiologist to administer and monitor your IV sedation, whether during a root canal, or during dental surgeries like tooth extraction, bone grafting, and/or dental implant placement.

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