Are There Professional Tooth Whitening Options Near Me In Cambridge, OH?

Dental Patient Smiling After His Teeth Whitening Procedure Near Him In Cambridge, OH

At-home teeth whitening options are available over-the-counter at most pharmacies. But, they are far from perfect and barely lead to the results many are looking for. That is why we at Woodlawn Dental Centers offer professional tooth whitening options near you in Cambridge, OH. Professional whiteners are better options for reaching that shimmering white color that many desire. But why is this a better option than over-the-counter whiteners?


Effectiveness of Professional Whiteners

All teeth are a little different which means whitening options need to be able to manage individual cases. Over-the-counter whiteners apply a model where they try common solutions to whiten anyone’s teeth. Whilst some may see a small whitening effect, others may be utterly dissatisfied with no effect at all.

Professional whiteners are much higher strength than over-the-counter and provide more variability than over-the-counter solutions. This makes professional whiteners give better results at a quicker rate turning those yellow fellows into porcelain white showstoppers! Professional solutions also avoid the irritation that whitening strips can cause to the gums which may result in damage to the gums if done over long periods of time.

Whitening Options In Cambridge

Our go-to whitening option is a bleaching agent. This bleaching agent works instantaneously making a significant difference in the color of your teeth. Over the course of an hour of application, the bleaching agent will work its way through your enamel safely and done to your bone. From there, it will clear out any of the discolorations you have.

The level of whitening you want is also completely your choice. Whether you want porcelain white or maybe something slightly duller, we are able to work that into the whitening treatment for you. With no messy adhesives and near-instant results, our professional whitening method far outmatches over-the-counter solutions giving you the smile you have always dreamed of.


Let’s Discuss Teeth Whitening!

If you are ready to start the process of the teeth whitening in Cambridge Ohio, you are in luck! Woodlawn Dental Center offers this teeth whitening option as well as many other general dentistry options for you and your family.

We have an amazing group of doctors with us to help you along the way! Dr. Franklin Maximo has worked with many who have discolored teeth to find the best whitening solution for them. Dr. Gregory Harris has striven to provide the best quality oral care to everyone who has visited us. Let’s not forget Dr. Chase Culbertson who works to find solutions that work best for the patient and make sure they are comfortable with their decisions before moving forward.

No matter which of these doctors you are hoping to see, we strive to make your visit with us the best dental care visit you have ever had. Consider a consultation today and call our office in Cambridge, OH at (740) 630-9380 when you are ready to make an appointment. A brighter future is ahead with our professional teeth whitening!

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