Can CEREC Really Get You Same Day Crowns In Cambridge, OH?

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Who likes waiting around to get a new tooth? A Cambridge, OH office offers same day crowns through the use of CEREC, a tool that can make crowns the same day they are designed.

But how does CEREC work? Are the crowns really reliable? Here is why CEREC may be a great choice for patients.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC is an acronym which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Crowns. This technique continues to become more prevalent as doctors want to provide quality teeth to their clients in a fast and reliable manner.

The process for how CEREC is used is straightforward. When patients come in and visit the dental office, mouth scans will be taken in order to properly assess the area in need of a crown. Those scans will then go and be digitally created into a crown to fit the gap. Once the doctor makes any final adjustments, those plans are sent off to an in-house manufacturing machine.

This in-house manufacturing machine will produce the crown using a porcelain material or something similar. These commonly used materials are found throughout other crowns in modern dentistry as well. Once the crown is finished printing, it will be placed in the patients mouth. Just like that, the patient has a same day crowns!

Is CEREC Reliable?

CEREC uses the same high-quality materials other crown manufacturing techniques use. The biggest difference is that all of that is housed within the dental office’s facilities. Many dentists will have to send plans off to get a crown manufactured at their lab. But CEREC brings the lab into the office saving time and money for everyone!

These new restorations only take about two hours to complete. They create beautiful and strong crowns that can make teeth look brand new. No goopy impressions are made, no annoying wait, just a strong same-day tooth for someone looking to restore their smile.

Who Is A Good Candidate For CEREC?

CEREC is a great option for those who still have remnants of their old tooth or need minor amounts of scraping to situate the crown on top of the tooth. Even then though, CEREC is great for those who need dental bridges, because it can also manufacturer bridges.

Book An Appointment!

The best way to know if CEREC is a good option for you, is by visiting our office in Cambridge, OH, so we can understand your unique situation. With a strong staff and an incredible group of doctors, Woodlawn Dental Center is the perfect place for you to get your next crown made.

Contact our dentists, Dr. Franklin MaximoDr. Gregory Harris Jr, and Dr. Chase Culbertson, in our office by Cambridge, Ohio to schedule a consultation today!

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