Can I Get Same Day Dental Crowns And Bridges In Cambridge, OH?

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Having missing teeth can be a struggle and making multiple appointments to restore teeth can be a pain. Scheduling out the time and taking time off from work can be very inconvenient for people who want to efficiently restore their teeth with dental crowns and bridges. The same day dental crows and bridges treatment in Cambridge, OH can give patients the dental restoration they need quickly and effectively. 

With the CEREC milling machine technology, a dental professional is able to make dental crowns and bridges within a single dental visit! Continue reading to learn more about the same day dental crowns and bridges treatment. 


How Does CEREC Give Me Same Day Crowns And Bridges? 

When it comes to getting same day dental crowns and bridges in Cambridge, OH, CEREC is one of the best tools in the industry to do so. CEREC, also known as the chairside economical restoration of esthetic crowns, is a process and set of tools that allows a trained doctor to design and produce ceramic crowns and bridges in their dental office.

Not only does CEREC enable doctors to get dental crowns and bridges treatments to patients in one appointment, but it can also guarantee the precision, creation, and placement of these dental devices. 

The whole process of planning and placing dental crowns and bridges allows trained doctors to best understand the intricacies of every individual patient’s unique situation so they can best address them and provide quality treatments that will last them for many years.

What Is The Process For Same Day Dental Crowns And Bridges?

The process of getting same day dental crowns and bridges treatments is fairly easy. Patients can make one appointment with a qualified team of dental professionals, notifying them that they are interested in this treatment. Then, once the patient comes in, the doctor can take virtual scans of their mouth.

After that, the design program designs a crown or bridge for the area in need of one. The doctor can then take time to make a few final tweaks to guarantee the best placement. Once done, the milling machine begins producing the patients customized dental crown or bridge.

While this is occurring, any remaining debris are removed from the patients mouth. This could include tooth roots, the remains of a tooth, or any foreign objects that have found their way into a patient’s mouth, causing them damage. Once the milling is completed, the doctor can begin the patients dental crown or bridge placement. After this, the patient will have a brand-new tooth or a couple of teeth, giving them a fresh new smile for years to come.


We Can Treat You With Same Day Dental Crowns And Bridges

If you are interested in the same day treatment for dental crowns or bridges in Cambridge, OH, then you should consider coming to our modern dental office. When you are just one day away from a brand-new smile, there is no reason to wait. Get in contact with Dr. Franklin Maximo, Dr. Gregory Harris Jr., and Dr. Chase Culbertson at our Woodlawn Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today! 

Our team of doctors are experts in their fields. Dr. Franklin Maximo, for example, continues his education to keep on top of new trends in dental care, such as CEREC.

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