How Can I Trust The Accuracy Of My Dental Implants?

CHROME GuidedSmile Model, For Guided Implant Surgery

Nervous about your dental implants failing? Or maybe you are scared about what happens if your doctor makes a mistake? Well, fear not! Guided implant surgery is a standard of ours at the Woodlawn Dental Center. This technology allows us to maximize surgery precision and allow for the lowest potential to cause harm or make mistakes in placing your implants.


How Does Guided Implant Surgery Work?

Through the use of technology, we are able to take accurate images of your mouth which allows the computer to make the plans for your implant surgery. Of course, if there are any obvious mistakes made by the computer, we have the ability to adjust, but this technology is far more accurate than a doctor’s freehand planning.

How it works is by mapping the inside of your mouth and recreating it on a computer. This is done by scanning your mouth using a highly specialized camera and laser technology to get an accurate layout of your needs when it comes to implants. The benefits of this technology are immense. To name a few though, our guided implant surgery technology can:

  • Make you have to book fewer appointments
  • Create a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting outcome
  • Make surgery safe, predictable, and comfortable
  • Minimize the risk of swelling or implant failure
  • Even eliminate bone grafting in some cases

This technology has allowed us to improve the whole implant procedure by cutting down on appointments, accurately mapping the inside of the mouth making it possible for us to do our job easier and more efficiently than ever, and even eliminating some more complicated parts of the procedure such as bone grafting.


Trusted Technology Used By Trusted Doctors

If you are interested in learning more about how our guided implant surgery can help you or you are ready to leap into dental implants, Woodlawn Dental Center is ready to help you! Dr. Franklin Maximo has worked using this cutting-edge technology for years, perfecting the process and making it even more helpful for each person who visits. The excellent Dr. Gregory V. Harris, Jr. and Dr. Chase Culbertson have continued pushing their expertise in learning this system as well and perfecting it in their own right.

All of these doctors are equipped and ready to handle any sort of case that comes their way. So why not consider calling us at (740) 630-9380 to schedule an appointment at our Cambridge, Ohio clinic today? With the best technology at an affordable price, there is nothing to gain from waiting any longer. Get the treatment you deserve today with Woodlawn Dental Center.

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