Is There Same Day Porcelain Veneers In Cambridge, Ohio?

Dr. Maximo Showing A Dental Patient Dental Veneers

What’s the fastest way to improve my smile? Dental veneers, hands down, are the easiest way to quickly change a smile from cracked, gummy teeth to a nice beautiful even smile. But is there a way to speed up the process, say, get veneers in one day? Well, yes! At Woodlawn Dental Center, we have mastered a method known as CEREC, a fast and effective way to apply veneers in as little tiny as possible. 


How CEREC Quickens The Veneer Process

Dental Veneers are a form of a dental implant in which a thin layer of porcelain is placed over teeth to hide aesthetic flaws. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic and is a relatively new process for veneer implants. Veneer restorations are created using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) within our office to plan an effective Veneer, make them, and then implant them all within one day.

How the process of using CEREC works is fairly simple. First, after numbing and prepping the teeth that require restoration, a dentist will use a special device to take scans of your teeth. Then, the dentist uses those scans of your teeth to design the perfect veneers for you. Next, the designs are sent to the milling and grinding machines in our office where the veneers are crafted. Finally, it’s time to place the veneers in your mouth. This process usually takes a few hours.

This is much improved compared to the previous days or even weeks it would take to make veneers. Manual planning for veneers can take significantly longer to have similar or even sometimes lesser results compared to the CEREC process. That is why the CEREC process is our standard for veneers today. We want to provide the best veneers that money can buy for you.


Getting Veneers In Cambridge, Ohio!

If you are interested in getting veneers but do not know where to start, consider coming to Woodlawn Dental Center in Cambridge, Ohio. Our amazing team of Dr. Franklin Maximo, Dr. Gregory V. Harris Jr, and Dr. Chase Culbertson are experts on using CEREC to make the best dental veneers in all of Ohio! Our mission is simple, help individuals achieve the smiles of their dreams and help their confidence shine through.

There is no need to wait any longer! The process of getting your custom veneers is easier than ever before. If you are near our office in Cambridge, Ohio, and want to talk about how CEREC can be used to help your smile, you should consider making an appointment with us right away! Give us a call at (740) 630-9380 to schedule a consultation today! We want to help you achieve your dreams, restore your confidence, and give you the best veneers you could ever ask for.

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