Want To Improve Your Smile? A Zirconia Fixed Bridge Can Help You With That!

zirconia bridges of teeth, with dental implants in them, so they can improve the look and function of a patients smile with a zirconia fixed bridge.

When people have missing teeth and want to be treated with an alternative to traditional dentures, then they should consider improving their smile with a zirconia fixed bridge in Cambridge, OH. Stabilized into the patients mouth with full mouth dental implants, a zirconia fixed bridge procedure can permanently restore a patient’s smile so they can speak properly, chew with ease, and smile confidently.

Continue reading to learn more about how a zirconia fixed bridge can improve a patient’s smile.


How Does A Zirconia Fixed Bridge In Cambridge, OH, Help Me?

With a zirconia fixed bridge device, full mouth dental implants are used to secure the zirconia bridge to the patient’s jawbone. The full mouth dental implants are strategically and accurately placed in the patient’s jawbone, where they fuse to it in a natural process called osseointegration. The dental implant posts are made to act like natural tooth roots, stimulating the patients jawbone so that it does not decay.

With a strong jawbone, the zirconia bridge has a reliable foundation to be placed on. Once the full mouth dental implants are secure in place, the zirconia bridge can be fixed to them, giving patients a strong and stable new smile that can last them for years to come.

What Are The Benefits Of A Zirconia Bridge In Cambridge, OH?

The material zirconia, in a zirconia fixed bridge procedure, is the strongest material in dentistry. A zirconia bridge gives patients a biocompatible and natural tooth-colored new smile that won’t stain, chip, or break. A zirconia bridge is a metal-free tooth replacement option that is, unlike traditional acrylic and porcelain smile restoration materials, custom designed to complement the patient’s specific facial features, gum and lip line, and even their skin tone.

A zirconia bridge has a smooth and polished surface that will feel comfortable against the patient’s gums, giving patients the beautiful and functional smile that they need and deserve to live their life normally. Once the zirconia bridge is fixed to the full mouth dental implants, patients will have a new smile that is even better than their natural one.


Come To Our Office For Your Zirconia Fixed Bridge Procedure

If you are looking for a practice you can trust for your zirconia fixed bridge treatment, consider our high-quality Woodlawn Dental Center office. Our team of doctors are all trained and ready to provide you with an amazing tooth replacement option procedure. If you are unsure if a zirconia fixed bridge is the right procedure option for you, you should come to our dedicated office so we can determine how best to restore your smile.

What are you waiting for? Get in contact with Dr. Franklin Maximo and our exceptional team at our Woodlawn Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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