What’s Involved In Professional Tooth Whitening In Cambridge, OH?

image of a woman's face divided in half to show the before and after affect of professional teeth whitening

Have you tried multiple over-the-counter whiteners, with none of them ever really working? Over-the-counter whiteners can take much longer to show any changes and have a typically less than desired whitening effect when compared to professional whiteners.

Teeth whitening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to revitalize a smile. Here is how professional tooth whitening can enhance your smile in Cambridge, OH!


The Best Option Available

Professional whiteners may be a bit pricier than over-the-counter, but they are much more likely to reach your desired whitened effect. This is because professional whiteners administered by doctors can use certain chemicals and techniques that over-the-counter options cannot.

One of those professional whiteners makes it possible to get deep down past the enamel layer to the teeth. This is done in order to remove discoloration directly from the source! Over-the-counter whiteners could never accomplish that, because they have to be given in lower quantities than what is actually needed.

The best part is that there are professional whiteners out there than can thoroughly whiten teeth in just one office visit! No more half-baked, baking soda solutions when a brighter smile is possible in just a single day!

Professional Tooth Whitening Options

Professional whiteners are one of the most popular cosmetic dental enhancements made for people’s teeth. The practice in Cambridge, OH offers a professional-grade bleaching agent which soaks deep into a patient’s teeth to break down discoloration at every layer of the tooth. This means the removal of surface-level stains and much deeper as well!

The best part about professional whitening options, is the consistent reporting that those who undergo treatment tend to not have sensitivity in their teeth or gums afterward. This was a common issue in the past with some professional whiteners, which is why the practice in Cambridge, OH uses current better options. Maintaining good oral hygiene will help maintain the whitened effect for years to come!


Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened Today!

If you are in or near Cambridge, OH, and are looking for a way to make your teeth shine, consider visiting Woodlawn Dental Center to have your teeth whitened today! With a quick, instant result from our whitener, there is no reason to wait on getting your teeth brightened any longer!

Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Franklin MaximoDr. Gregory Harris Jr, and Dr. Chase Culbertson, in our office by Cambridge, Ohio to schedule a consultation today!

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