Why Should I Use Clear Aligners To Fix My Crooked Teeth?

a patient happily placing Invisalign clear aligners on her teeth.

Having crooked teeth may make people embarrassed when smiling, but misaligned teeth can cause issues far beyond embarrassment. From the challenges of maintaining teeth to TMJ disorders, having straightened teeth is important for oral health.

What better way for patients to align crooked teeth than with Invisalign® clear aligners in Cambridge, OH! Invisalign clear aligners offer those being treated, a more secret way of aligning their teeth than with wire-and-bracket braces. Here is why patients should consider Invisalign clear aligners to fix their crooked teeth.


What Are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Invisalign clear aligners are a strong and transparent plastic alternative to metal braces. Certified BPA-free and now an approved FDA treatment for crooked teeth, Invisalign clear aligners can align patients’ crooked teeth without being easily seen in Cambridge, OH.

There are some strong benefits to using clear aligners. This straightening method offers patients a way to straighten their teeth without a change to their oral hygiene routine and diet. The aligners themselves are removable to allow for cleaning and eating. Whilst it is recommended to leave the aligners in as long as possible, having a removable option is one of their most attractive qualities.

How Clear Aligners Compare To Metal Braces

The biggest difference between clear aligners and metal braces, is clear aligners do not require any sort of dental device to be cemented to the patient’s teeth. Clear aligners still provide a great straightening ability without being fixed onto teeth. Metal braces may also cause changes to a patient’s enamel and gums, whereas clear aligners do not.

Also, clear aligners are more cosmetically appealing than metal braces. Because they are made out of clear plastic, people can see the patient’s natural teeth while wearing them. This is compared to the metal wire-and-bracket braces present across the fronts of a patient’s teeth.

Clear aligners still provide the same straightening effect that metal braces provide. So, are there any downsides? Well, while braces are more cost-effective than clear aligners, over the course of a treatment, clear aligners will typically cost little more than metal braces. But the cost of clear aligners comes with the benefits of patients not having to massively change their way of life.


Confidently Straighten Your Teeth With Clear Aligners

If you want to confidently and reliably straighten your teeth, clear aligners are the best option out there. With strong and proven results, clear aligners will allow you to easily live your life while straightening your teeth.

The process for getting your own clear aligners is pretty easy. You would start by making an initial consultation with your local dentist. Then, talk with them about treating your crooked teeth with clear aligners. Next, your dentist will take scans or impressions of your mouth. This is used to go and plan out your first set of aligners. Finally, you will get your aligners and start the process of straightening your teeth.

If you are searching for clear aligner treatment in Cambridge, OH, you are in luck!  Get in contact with Dr. Franklin Maximo, Dr. Gregory Harris, and Dr. Chase Culbertson at our Woodlawn Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today!  Our dedicated office has provided many clear aligner treatments, helping people in our community achieve a straightened smile.

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