How Can Zirconia Fixed Bridges Benefit Me In Cambridge, OH?

an image of a zirconia fixed bridge that shows how it can benefit patients with four dental implants placed in them.

Need a strong and reliable bridge of new and functional teeth? A zirconia fixed bridge in Cambridge, OH could be a good tooth replacement option. The material zirconia is a strong, metal-free, and aesthetically pleasing material that can give patients a natural looking and feeling new smile. Here is how a zirconia fixed bridge can benefit a patient’s smile for many years.


How Can The Material Zirconia Benefit My Smile?

When looking for the best material for a dental bridge, then look no further than the material zirconia! Zirconia is a ceramic compound material made out of zirconium. This material is just as strong as metal solutions, despite not being made out of metal. This metal-free solution helps those with a metal allergy get the fixed bridge of teeth they need and deserve. The material zirconia is also naturally tooth colored, giving patients an aesthetically pleasing new smile.

What Are The Benefits Of Zirconia Fixed Bridges In Cambridge, OH?

Zirconia fixed bridges can give patients long term stability because the zirconia bridge is secured to the patients mouth with strategically placed dental implants. The dental implants, usually four or more dental implants, that are used in a zirconia fixed bridge procedure, are accurately placed in the patients mouth where they then fuse (osseointegration) with the patient’s jawbone. This gives the patients a secure new smile.

With a zirconia fixed bridge, patients have greater dental functionality because the dental implants allow them to eat, chew, and speak with a stable and strong jawbone. The zirconia bridge itself won’t stain, break, or chip, giving the patient the ability to live their life normally with this restorative procedure. Having a zirconia fixed bridge also means having years of stable and strong teeth that allow patients to chew, eat, speak and smile with ease.


Ready For Your Zirconia Fixed Bridge Procedure?

Don’t wait to transform the look and function of your smile. With a zirconia fixed bridge, you can restore your ability to chew and smile for decades to come! Our advanced office is able to give you an expert zirconia fixed bridge procedure with our guided implant surgery technology and our sedation dentistry options.

If you are ready for a zirconia fixed bridge, you are welcome to make an appointment at our caring and experienced office. Get in contact with Dr. Franklin Maximo and our team of professionals at our Woodlawn Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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