What Is Guided Dental Implant Surgery In Cambridge, OH?

a dental implant patient smiling over his meal at the dinner table because he was treated with guided dental implant surgery.

Is there a way for doctors to accurately and securely place dental implants for every patient? Through the power of guided dental implant surgery in Cambridge, OH, it is! With access to the state-of-the-art CHROME™ GuidedSMILE technology, a skilled doctor is able to place dental implants with extreme precision. This will allow for less disruption to the patients gums and bones, and an overall longer lasting dental implant procedure solution.

Continue reading to learn more about what guided dental implant surgery is and how it can help patients restore their smile.


What Does A CHROME™ GuidedSMILE Guided Dental Implant Surgery Do?

CHROME GuidedSMILE guided dental implant technology allows the skilled doctor to get a lot of work done without the worry of placing dental implants inaccurately. With CHROME GuidedSMILE the doctor is able to focus on bringing the patient the highest quality care, giving them the greatest chance for a successful dental implant surgery.

Before a dental implant surgery begins, a CBCT scan can be used so the doctor can get a full understanding of what the patients mouth looks like. This helps the doctor plan accurate and custom-made dental implants that can fit every patient’s unique smile and needs.

During the dental implant procedure itself, the doctor can anchor the CHROME GuidedSMILE surgical guide on the patients jaw and use it to guide the placement of the patient’s dental implants. This allows the doctor to focus on the precise placement of the dental implants. With guided dental implant surgery using CHROME GuidedSMILE, this process will make it so that there is virtually zero chance of dental implant failure!

What Are The Benefits Of A Guided Dental Implant Surgery In Cambridge, OH?

When patients want to avoid short- and long-term healing frustrations, guided dental implant surgery is for them! There are many benefits to using guided dental implant surgery. An important benefit that guided implant surgery gives, beyond more accurate dental implant placements, is a shorter healing time. Swelling is an indicator of healing in people’s mouths.

With a guided dental implant surgery, there is less swelling overall. With less swelling, patients are able to move through the healing process quicker. With guided dental implant surgeries, patients can get a brand-new smile faster than ever before.

Finally, guided implant surgery can sometimes be conducted without the need for bone grafting. Because guided dental implant surgery is able to accurately locate healthy areas of jawbone for dental implant placements, the doctor is able to mitigate the need for bone grafting to be done in some cases!


Can I Get A Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

With the ability to place lasting dental implants under the direction of our excellent team of doctors and guided dental implant surgery technology, we are able to provide you with an experienced, caring, and high-tech dental implant procedure experience.

Do you still want to learn more about what a guided dental implant surgery is? Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about what guided dental implant surgeries are. Get in contact with Dr. Franklin Maximo and our exceptional team at our Woodlawn Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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