The Most Discreet Way To Straighten Teeth

A dental patient removing her invisalign aligner

If you are currently experiencing misaligned, crooked, or misshapen teeth, you may be interested in learning about what options you may have to correct this issue. Traditional metal braces have been used historically, however, a newer, more discreet way of straightening your teeth is available with Invisalign® clear aligners. These corrective dental devices help you  achieve the goal of straighter teeth, and your dentist in Cambridge, Ohio can help you determine whether these aligners are the best option to address your smile correction needs.


Invisalign® Aligners


Invisalign® aligners are a type of thin clear aligners used in orthodontic treatment and smile correction. Made from a unique, flexible thermoplastic material, Invisalign® aligners offer smile correction in a secret, almost invisible, inconspicuous way. A dental specialist named an orthodontist will assess your teeth, and take 3D images of your jaw and mouth as a part of your personalized treatment plan and custom made aligners. Each clear aligner fit snugly over your teeth and are a great alternative to traditional braces with brackets and wires. They are often a lot less messy than traditional braces too, as the need for measuring trays and impression clay is eliminated.


A New Way To Smile

The aligners work to apply pressure to your teeth, gradually shifting them and moving them into the desired places. Depending on your treatment plan, your orthodontist may have you switch one set of aligners for a new one about once every week or two. Typically, you’ll need to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day to get the maximum benefits throughout the duration of your treatment.

The only time you’re supposed to remove the aligners is when you’re:

  • eating or drinking
  • brushing or flossing your teeth
  • cleaning your aligners

This way, you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite meals or foods without getting your aligners dirty or damaged!

Interested in learning more? Call your dentist, Dr. Franklin Maximo today in Cambridge, Ohio to schedule an appointment today!

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