What Should You Look For In A Cosmetic Dentist In Cambridge OH?

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When searching for a cosmetic dentist, what exactly are we looking for? Are we looking for multiple cosmetic options? Or perhaps a highly-skilled dentist in performing cosmetic enhancements? Well luckily, we have both of those at Woodlawn Dental Center in Cambridge, Ohio. We offer multiple different cosmetic procedures made to turn your frown into a smile you are happy to share. Here are our options for cosmetic dentistry!


Our Smile Makeover Treatments

We have got six standard smile makeover treatments. The first of those is professional teeth whitening services. Our teeth whitening goes deeper than over-the-counter whiteners to remove stains deep within the enamel and recesses of your teeth. We personalize each treatment to give the exact white effect you are looking for.

If you have a chipped or damaged tooth, we offer quick and strong CEREC dental crowns. The CEREC method allows us to manufacture a crown in our office to replace your missing or damaged tooth quicker than ever before with the same grade of material from any lab setting.  We work to make sure the crown fits seamlessly in with the rest of your teeth and restore your smile.

Maybe you have had a tooth fall out. Not to worry! We offer dental bridges as an easy solution. Dental bridges are supported by the teeth surrounding the gap restoring the aesthetic and function of the rest of your teeth.


Another option for replacing teeth we offer is dental implants which are proven to last longer but cost more overall. Dental implants are a fantastic option as they act like teeth with the post structure deterring tooth decay over time. This is definitely the longer-term solution for missing teeth and an option worth consideration by anyone.

Maybe you are just looking to straighten your teeth. Our orthodontics tool Invisalign® is a great way to fix malaligned teeth in a way that only the keenest of eyes can notice. The clear material used for Invisalign® makes it much less aesthetically jarring than traditional bracket-and-wire braces. Plus, you have no major restrictions for eating or your oral care routine. Just remember to take them out and your teeth are ready to use!

Maybe you want a quicker aesthetic enhancement to give a better-whitened effect and straight teeth quickly. Porcelain veneers are a great option that enhances the aesthetic look of your teeth whilst not doing anything to the teeth underneath. Veneers are a thin device placed over the top of your teeth to give a strong and healthy glow to your teeth.


Expert Care in Expert Hands

If you are looking for a doctor confident in any number of these procedures, look no further than our doctor, Dr. Franklin Maximo, in our office at Woodlawn Dental Center. At our practice in Cambridge, Ohio, we have helped many enhance their smiles using these techniques.

If you are interested in learning more about one of these methods, our doctors, or about how we could help you, consider contacting us soon to s schedule your consultation . We are always taking on new clients in our pursuit to get everyone back to smiling with a smile they are confident about!

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