What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign?

an image of invisalign example with a woman placing invasalign aligners in her mouth.

When people are looking for the most discreet way to straighten their teeth without having to worry about braces or a disrupted diet, then they should consider getting treated with Invisalign® in Cambridge, OH. Invisalign® gives patients a straighter smile that is more aesthetically pleasing to look at and is easier to clean and maintain than traditional braces. There are many reasons why Invisalign can be beneficial. Here is more on how Invisalign can benefit patients.

Why Should I Improve My Smile With Invisalign In Cambridge, OH?

A popular option for straightening teeth at Woodlawn Dental Center, Invisalign can be a great method for improving patients smiles. Specifically, Invisalign can help those who have crowded teeth, crossbites, overbites, underbites, and more.

When people have crooked teeth, it can cause them a lot of problems. Crooked teeth, for instance, can cause plaque and tartar build up. If plaque and tartar are left for too long on people’s teeth, it can cause them to develop gum disease and eventually even tooth loss.

Crooked teeth can also cause people to have bite issues. When people have bite issues, they are unable to properly chew their food. Grinding and clenching are also common crooked teeth problems which can lead to TMJ disorders.

These are the many reasons why people will want to correct their smile with Invisalign. With properly straightened teeth, patients will be able to clean their teeth with ease so that they don’t develop cavities or gum disease. It will also give patients a better-looking and functional smile.

How Is Invisalign In Cambridge, OH Beneficial?

There are many reasons why Invisalign are beneficial. When people get treated with Invisalign, the custom-made clear aligners are left in the patients mouth for 20 to 22 hours in the day. Patients are treated with a series of modified clear aligners, which are swapped out every couple of weeks, until their smile is in the ideal position.

Patients will only be able to remove their clear aligners when they are eating or when they are cleaning their teeth. By taking proper care of their straighter smile, patients can enjoy their straight new smile for years to come.

At the quality Woodlawn Dental Center office, the doctor has a lot of experience in using Invisalign to give patients the beautiful and healthy new smile they have always dreamed of having. During the patients initial Invisalign appointment, the first thing the doctor will do is take digital impressions of the patient’s teeth with an intraoral scanner.

These digital impressions will be used to create the patient’s custom-made clear aligners so that they get the aesthetically enhanced new smile they need. When patients get treated with custom-made clear aligners, they can look forward to having the following benefits:

  • comfortable and accurate clear aligners
  • no limit to what they can eat
  • feel confident during their invisible smile correcting treatment
  • daily oral hygiene routines can be maintained

See Us Now So We Can Benefit You And Your Smile With Invisalign In Cambridge, OH

If you are looking for the best and most trusted place to get your reliable Invisalign treatment, then you should consider working with us at our excellent Woodlawn Dental Center office. Our highly experienced doctor, Dr. Franklin Maximo, is an expert in utilizing Invisalign treatments to help you get the most out of your smile.

Why wait to see how Invisalign can help you and your smile needs? Get in contact with Dr. Franklin Maximo and our exceptional team at our Woodlawn Dental Center office to schedule an appointment today!

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