What Are The Differences Between A Dental Crown And Bridge?

Dental Crowns And Bridges On A Table

Deciding what dental device to use for you can be difficult. Dental crowns and bridges are able be used to help replace missing, damaged, or decayed teeth but what option is best for you? This is how dental crowns and bridges can help you and how they differ from one another.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are caps placed on top of damaged or decayed teeth. When fillings can no longer solve the issues faced by the tooth, a crown can be used to restore functionality to the tooth. They can also restore aesthetics depending on the material used to produce the crown.

How dental crowns are prepared is by taking x-rays to determine the integrity of the tooth. Once the tooth is determined to need a dental crown, scans are taken of the mouth to create a crown. Once created, the dental crown is placed on the tooth after the tooth has been shaved down to fit the crown.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges help fill the gaps when a couple of teeth in a row are decayed, damaged, or missing. These dental bridges help restore the missing teeth by giving an artificial replacement. These devices are made to restore the functionality of having teeth allowing you to engage with life with fewer worries.

Unlike crowns, dental bridges are not placed on top of the healthy remains of a tooth. They are instead placed in the gaps caused by teeth that are gone or no longer viable. As such, they rely on surrounding healthy teeth for support and to keep held in place. This is done through different forms of binding the bridge to other teeth and anchoring them securely to those teeth.

Getting Same-Day Dental Crowns and Bridges

Waiting for long periods of time for these devices can be frustrating. That is why we at Woodlawn Dental Center offer CEREC as a solution to help restore teeth in one visit. CEREC offers a quick and lasting solution to missing teeth. Through the use of computer-aided technology, scans are taken throughout the mouth and sent to an in-house grinding and milling machine which creates crowns and bridges the same day as your appointment.

CEREC crowns and bridges are just as strong as the old way to produce crowns and bridges. The only difference is instead of waiting for scans to be sent to a lab and the final product sent back to our office, we do it all in the office saving you time and costs.


Fill Those Missing Teeth Today!

If you are in Cambridge Ohio and are looking for the restoration of your teeth using dental crowns or bridges, consider Woodlawn Dental Center. With our highly-skilled doctors and our inviting staff, we are able to provide one of the best facilities to restore your smile in all of Ohio. Consider reaching out to us by calling (740) 630-9380. We are always taking on new clients and would be delighted to help restore the functionality to your smile today!

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