What Is Endodontic Treatment? Why Did My Doctor Recommend It To Me?

a dental root canal model

If you are stressing over what endodontic treatment is, there is nothing to worry about! Endodontic treatment is doctor-speak for the treatment commonly known as a root canal.

The reasons why you need a root canal will vary depending on your specific case. There are some common symptoms that we at Woodlawn Dental Center recommend root canal treatment for.


Common Symptoms Treated With Root Canals


Your teeth are a vital structure within the mouth for many processes such as eating, maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract, and smiling. That is why we, over time, grew nerves in each of our individual teeth, to detect anything that may be going wrong that’s entering our mouth.

These nerves are at the center for why you may have been recommended a root canal. There is a structure within that nerve known as the pulp. When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, this can cause irritation on the inside of the mouth that could either come and go or be constant. The reason root canals are recommended is they can save the majority of the main structure of the tooth whilst eliminating this structure that is causing pain.

Having root canal treatment can be a vital way to improve your overall wellbeing by eliminating the pain you are experiencing. This procedure eliminates tooth pain whilst maintaining the healthy structure of your tooth which can restore the functionality of the tooth. Having a root canal done sooner than later can prevent tooth decay, injury to the tooth, or even having to have the whole tooth extracted.


What Root Canal Treatment Is Like


Many patients here at our Cambridge, Ohio office consistently remark how having a root canal feels like having a cavity filled. This is because we take extra precautions in making sure the area is sufficiently numbed in order to ensure the most comfortable process for you.

Once you have decided to have a root canal and have planned out the surgery with one of our doctors, we start by numbing the area and getting you comfortable. Then, the process for extracting the pulp starts. Next, we remove a portion of the tooth in order to get at the pulp. Following that, we disinfect the whole area the pulp was located to prevent tooth decay then fill the tooth with hardened material. Once sealed, a dental crown will be placed on top of your healthy tooth structure to ensure functionality.


Do You Need Endodontic Treatment In Cambridge, Ohio?


Not a difficult procedure at all! Certainly, nothing to stress over. If you are seeking endodontic treatment in the Cambridge, Ohio area and want doctors you can trust, Woodlawn Dental Center is definitely the place for you!


With our team of well-practiced and highly-trained doctors and welcoming staff, we work to ensure the smoothest procedures for you. If you are interested in learning more about our practice or are ready to schedule a consultation, you may contact us by calling 740-630-9380. Let us take that tooth pain away and let you get back to living your life!

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